Filmoteka Muzeum

More Air! is a 2.5-minute pogo dancing scene from the alternative music festival in Jarocin. Robakowski shot it standing with his camera right in the middle of the frenzied crowd. His robust physique allowed him to immerse himself in the mad ritual without being engulfed by it. The film is a unique footage of a live performance by the band Moskwa [Moscow]. It also reflects Robakowski’s interest in art understood as a field of energy flows, where biological-mechanical processes occur. The frantic visual and sound layer of the piece celebrates punk intensity and liveliness, thus postulating its stronger presence in art.

Quoted from: Down with the Pimps of Art, exhibition catalogue, Warsaw Stock Exchange, 2006.

Year: 1985
Duration: 2'48"
Language: Polish
Source: 16 mm

© Józef Robakowski

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