Filmoteka Muzeum

The action of the film Painters takes place in a typical communist-era housing development. A several-story apartment building insulated with a layer of Styrofoam. A team of workers are finishing painting the facade. Summer. A scorching day. They work shirtless, go up and down the scaffolding, take a break for a cigarette under the tree. For refreshment they pour water from the hose over their tanned backs and cropped heads.

A subjective camera, fully zoomed out. shakily the frame follows particular characters, the lens-eye attempts to force its way through the branches to capture another close-up. A gaze typical of a voyeur, covertly stealing looks and catching views, arranging accidental and ordinary gestures into a screenplay with erotic overtones. Quoted from: Ł. Gorczyca, Painter, Artist, Guy, [in:] K. Radziszewski, Backstage, exhibition catalogue, Bunkier Sztuki, Cracow 2011.

Year: 2007
Duration: 16'59"
Language: no language
Source: BETA SP

© Karol Radziszewski

Acquisition date: Oct 5, 2011
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