Filmoteka Muzeum

The artist describes her work:

“Two elder sisters, my mother Zenobia and her sister Mania, are chatting about their health and, as it is often the case in such conversations, they try to outdo one another with their illnesses...

Mum: so, Mania, how are you feeling?
Mania: not all that bad maybe, and you, Zinia, how are you feeling?
Mum: well, not all that bad, but are you holding on all right, Mania?
Mania replies: well, I'm holding on, holding on to air...

That dialogue inspired several works, among them two films titled Holding on to Air Both of them are records of performances for camera in which my personal act of “holding on to air,” my breathing, acts as a force that animates the entire thing. Especially in the performance from 2005 I become a machine that sets artificial life in motion and animates it by breathing. The film from 2015 is a 3,5 minute long record that shows a family of plastic dolls set on my belly, which moves rhythmically as I breathe. Breathing is the essence of matter.”

camera: Czesław Chwiszczuk

Year: 2005
Duration: 3'14"
Language: no sound

© Anna Płotnicka