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PKF 10B/81

Emancipationist from Poland

Ewa Partum (b. 1945) is one of the most prominent Polish contemporary women artists. Pursued since the beginning of the 1970s, her artistic practice embraces Conceptual projects, works on the borderland of visual arts and poetry, performative actions, photography and film. Partum is recognised as one of the pioneers of Feminist art and body art in Poland.

Ewa Partum, who has lived and worked in Berlin since 1983, has gained renown both in Poland and abroad. Her works have featured at many individual and group shows. They also belong to high-profile international collections, such as Tate Modern in London, Kontakt. The Art Collection of Erste Group and ERSTE Foundation in Vienna, Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía in Madrid, among other collections.

The reportage features the following works by Ewa Partum (in order of appearance): Poem by Ewa. My Touch is a Touch of a Woman (1971); Drawing TV (1976, board with six film stills); Film by Ewa. Tautological Cinema (1973); Women, Marriage is against You (1980); Self-Identification (1980).

PKF 10B/81

Realizacja: Janina Motylińska
Komentarz: Artur Howzan
Lektor: Tadeusz Wieczorek
Zdjęcia: Cezary Makowski
Opracowanie dźwiękowe: Ryszard Sulewski
Nagranie: A. Bogdanowicz
Montaż: Grażyna Kociniak
Numer tematu: 5
Osoba: Ewa Partum (artystka sztuki konceptualnej, performerka, poetka, reżyserka, fotografka)
Czas akcji: 1980
Miejsce akcji: Polska
Produkcja: Wytwórnia Filmów Dokumentalnych (Warszawa)
Prawa: WFDiF
Format dźwięku: mono
Format klatki: 4:3
System koloru: czarno-biały

Year: 1980
Duration: 1'20"
Language: Polish

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