Filmoteka Muzeum

The Kiss of Love documents Franciszek Orłowski’s performance. The artist exchanged clothes with homeless people in the city of Poznań. Orłowski used the acquired items of clothing in his later installations and works featured in gallery spaces. The artist confronts the problems involved in making contact with another person. Bearing witness to his interest in the relation with the Other, Orłowski’s action was an attempt to reach excluded individuals from the margins of the society. It required the artist to overcome not only his emotional constraints, but also aesthetic and sensual barriers, as the exchange of clothing entailed the need to embrace someone else’s physicality. Orłowski had to carry the burden of the former owner’s life story.


Year: 2013
Duration: 1'28"
Language: no sound
Source: Zdigitalizowany slideshow

© Franciszek Orłowski

Acquisition: deposit
Ownership form: deposit