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Buttes Monteaux 1 is a computer animation presented by Norman Leto at the exhibition “Song Buttes Monteaux with the Music Video and Three Oil Paintings” at the Gallery Nova in Cracow in 2007.

The visualisation simulating the camera movement guides the viewer through minimalist interiors featuring paintings that were also on display at the gallery. Then, we witness a change into an abstract space, filled with shapes generated and controlled by crowd simulation software.

Referencing the aesthetics of a music video, Leto merges the visualisation created by means of computer scripts and algorithms with text and trance music produced by himself and his friends. Experiments with formal, technical and screenplay devices make this work appears as a quasi-study for the feature-length Sailor – the film that summarises the artist’s practice. However, it remains a separate intriguing whole in its own right.

References: E. Gorządek, Norman Leto (Łukasz Banach), (December 2010); materials by Galeria Kolonie.


Year: 2007
Duration: 10'00''
Language: no language
Source: DigiBeta

© Norman Leto

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