Filmoteka Muzeum

A ballet dancer performs a dancing pass. At first glance, this performance appears routine, though, on closer examination, something is wrong: on close examination it becomes apparent that the character’s movements are subject to a different set of physical laws. In this work the ballet dancer performs with her head upside down, suspended by one leg by a band tied around her ankle. The image of the dancer hanging upside down has been reversed 180 degrees by the artist, ensuring the rules that govern the actuality of image are also reversed. Gravity doesn’t work here; the ballet dancer looks as if she will fly away. In classical ballet the dancers, through their performance, continually combat the force of gravity. Ballet is an art form devoted to the idea of denying gravity. The only element which keeps the dancer on the ground is the band tied to her leg: a line that keeps the dancer from gliding off.

Description based on:

Year: 2000
Duration: 1'11"
Language: no sound

© Dominik Lejman