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Trip Around Europe is an artistic road movie. It documents the journey of Zofia Kulik and Przemysław Kwiek in their Fiat 126p across Belgium, the Netherlands, Eastern and Western Germany in May and June 1981, which covered the most important places for the art world at the time.

At meetings with artists, curators and students of artistic universities, KwieKulik demonstrated the documentation of their own Activities and of their artist-friends’ works. The Studio of Activities, Documentation and Propagation (PDDiU), which they were running in Warsaw since the beginning of the 1970s, was thus turned into a mobile archive for the time of the trip.

Documentation, slides, projector and photographic equipment packed into the car came in handy especially in Düsseldorf, where the artists arranged an exhibition for Joseph Beuys at his famous Free International University. However, there is nothing here to confirm the popular anecdote about Beuys humming the Polish anthem after the show.

Trip Around Europe pivots around the recording of the covered distance. The essence of the artistic journey is hinted at by the names of locations appearing on road signs.

References: KwieKulik. Zofia Kulik & Przemysław Kwiek, Ł. Ronduda, G. Schöllhammer (eds.), Warsaw-Wrocław-Vienna 2011.


Year: 1981
Duration: 9'19"
Language: no sound
Source: Super 8

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