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'Let me entertain you!' – this is how Kozyra begins the quasi-documentary about her cycle of works In Art Dreams Come True. The confidence in the potential of art and the immense authenticity of the artist's involvement open up the possibilities to carry out the extremely challenging task of performing in 'five musical styles'.

The viewer is seduced and enchanted by the show. 100 % commitment to art guarantees success, which the artist comments on as follows: 'this omnipotence of mine gives me certainty that whatever I undertake, I'll succeed, because I am potentially talented in every domain'.

The film revisits the most important events, meetings and places that made the cycle In Art Dreams Come True possible. The immediate inspiration for the project was 'the will to become a real woman'. For this reason, Kozyra made friends with a drag queen and became her disciple in the field of make-up, clothing.

The film provides the possibility to trace the creative process which unfolded in the course of cooperation with the Berlin-based drag queen Gloria Viagra as well as singing classes with maestro Grzegorz Pitułej. The excerpts are interlaced with statements from curators, who define and recap the essence of Kozyra’s artistic practice.

References: Katarzyna Kozyra, Casting, exhibition catalogue, M. Sitkowska, H. Wróblewska (eds.), Zachęta National Gallery of Art, Warsaw 2010.


Year: 2006
Duration: 20'58"
Language: miscellaneous (english subtitles)
Source: DigiBeta

© Katarzyna Kozyra, courtesy Zachęta National Gallery of Art

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