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Some claim that Kozak's films are overburdened with meanings. Sex und Character proves this opinion wrong. The film is characterised by lightness enriched with elements of black humour arcing on the wires between Krzysztof Kieślowski's Short Film about Love and Anna Jantar's hit song Nic nie może wiecznie trwać [Nothing Can Last Forever].

As the artist recalls, the entire idea emerged all of a sudden – at a single cathartic instant when the hatred of an adulterous fiancé entwined in his soul with the hatred of the classic Polish motion picture. What followed was a purificatory outburst.

“Done? Was it good?” – the question asked by Grażyna Szapołowska provides a cutting summary of Kozak's film, which reaches its climax with the statement: “That's it, that’s all there is in love.” The speed and intensity of that love-hatred leaves the viewers quenchless, with their heads vibrating with words: “I can hear you breathe, bastard...”

Who are these words targeted at? Is it the spirit of moral-metaphysical anxiety hovering over Polish cinematography.

(Description courtesy lokal_30)

Year: 2004
Duration: 4'23"
Language: Polish (english subtitles)
Source: DigiBeta

© Tomasz Kozak. Courtesy lokal_30

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