Filmoteka Muzeum

Alicja Karska and Aleksandra Went’s film, Design and Organisation of Space, is the product of the artists’ fascination with abandoned and forgotten places; with places that resemble illusionary rather than real spaces. Michel Foucault called them heterotopias, transit zones that exist out of time and outside a chronological understanding of history. In the work of the artists from Gdańsk, this space is an unfinished concrete construction, a hotel in Gdańsk Brzeźno. In this space the stage is pre-determined, the scene set. Neat maids mechanically perform their roles. The maids move through dilapidated floors, make imaginary beds and clean. The heterotopia presented by the artists is the place inhabited by people without identity, of people endlessly repeating and performing familiar actions.

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Year: 2002
Duration: 9'54"
Language: no language

© Alicja Karska and Aleksandra Went

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