Filmoteka Muzeum

The Third Sing about Triangles is a short and slightly ironic musical piece, in which the artist – hidden behind geometric solids, performs a piece of melancholic music. Each time a key is pressed the music changes, modifying the arrangement of the solids at the same time.

The synaesthesia-related experiences that result from combining music and visual forms serve here as a reference to avant-garde experiments from the 20th century, when the field of visual arts and theatre witnessed postulates to search for a new form and synthesis of individual means of expression beyond verbal communication. This context is relevant to Jastrubczak’s strategy as an artist who consistently works with avant-garde myths. The work acquires an ironic and light-hearted appeal thanks to its certain clumsiness and absurdity.


Year: 2011
Duration: 4'38"
Language: no language

© Łukasz Jastrubczak

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