Filmoteka Muzeum

The Perspective of Failure is a series of staged situations that feature a mysterious figure and unfold in the tourist heart of Florence. On some occasions, the figure mixes with the crowd, on other occasions it can be seen through a target lens. Roaming the Renaissance city, the figure holds two slats, akin to two lines that converge in a single point or diverge from a single point. Jastrubczak becomes here a researcher of perspective understood as a convention of representation, which was conceived and described in Florence.

Unfolding within the urban tissue of streets and buildings, the work refers to the painting tradition of the Florence area, making a slightly ironic use of motifs characteristic of early Renaissance art: geometry, configurations of solids, etc. The work bears testimony to one of Jastrubczak’s typical strategies where conceptual references to the language of painting serve the needs of a play on art history.


Year: 2013
Duration: 4'31"
Language: no language

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