Filmoteka Muzeum

Documentary footage of one of the summer schools organised by Oskar Hansen in his house in Szumin for the students of the Bergen School of Architecture. Located amid the picturesque area of an oxbow lake of the River Bug, it was a perfect place to demonstrate his Open Form theory. The house incarnated its key principles related to opening architecture to the human being and establishing a “perceptive background” in order to emphasise everyday events.

The students of the school, established in 1986 by the disciple and continuator of Hansen’s ideas Prof. Svein Hatløy, discovered the ideas of Open Form through group activities, talks and exercises performed on teaching instruments gathered in the house. Built by Hansen and his assistants for the needs of teaching at the Solids and Plains Studio at the Faculty of Sculpture of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, the instruments offered the possibility to practice the basic elements of visual language for the needs of describing and shaping visual environments.


Year: 2005
Duration: 13'35"
Language: miscellaneous
Source: VHS

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