Filmoteka Muzeum

In Holes we see the body broken, fragmented, shown in a selective manner through holes in a white, abstract surface. It is through these holes that particular parts of the artist's body peep out: breasts, ears, eyes, mouth, finger, vulva, hair. Every one of them seems to have a life of its own.

The bodily parts are not only the victims of the gazes abusing them from beyond the frame and of the hands; they are not only dressed, shaped, used, but also satisfied — it seems they take pleasure from those operations. By making us voyeurs, the artist places us in an impossible position: on the one hand she seduces us by a detail that provides a leverage point for desire, on the other, in a radical way she excludes us from the image.

Ultimately, it is a self-erotic situation, and it is Aneta — or rather her body — who plays with herself excluding the very possibility of the beholder’s existence.

music: Eugeniusz Rudnik, Dixi, Śniadanie na trawie w grocie Lascaux, Podzwonne, Annus Mirabilis; Zbigniew Karkowski, Attuning/Attending.
cooperation: Jan Smaga.

Description on the basis of a text by Krzysztof Pijarski.

Year: 2011
Duration: 7'41"
Language: no language
Source: HD video

© Aneta Grzeszykowska, courtesy Raster Gallery

Acquisition date: Jan 11, 2012
Acquisition: deposit
Ownership form: deposit