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The Offence is a short story about a town official obsessed with modernity. His provincial town is a mainstay of tradition and fear of everything new and unknown. The town official decides on an unusual method to rescue the people from their backwardness. Understanding human perversion, he forces progress through prohibitions and restrictions, knowing well that they will be broken.

Written and directed by Karolina Breguła
Cinematography by Robert Mleczko
Sound by Weronika Raźna
Editing by Stefan Paruch
Produced by Karolina Breguła and Tamas Liszka

The work was created as a part of the Visegrad Artist Residency Program in Art Quarter Budapest and Grodzka 5 project curated by Magdalena Ujma and organized by the Workshops of Culture in Lublin.
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Year: 2013
Duration: 20'30"
Language: other

© Karolina Breguła

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