Filmoteka Muzeum

Anna Baumgart uses the strategy of found footage to become the heroine of the renowned Soviet film by Mikhail Kalatozov The Cranes Are Flying from 1957. Tapping into the potential offered by the film technique, the artist replaces the actress’s face with her own. The video, which lasts less than three minutes, presents the scene of a dramatic quarrel between two lovers. Their passion cannot be fulfilled – he is in love with the fiancée of his own brother, who fights at the front. Viera has to strive to reject the feeling. Is that not the peak of girlish dreams of being adored and desired by men? Yet the act of fitting one’s own face into a landmark motion picture also makes the dreams of fame, beauty and attraction come true. Baumgart critically analyses the impact of the media on the imagination. The cycle comprises two parts The Cranes Are Flying and Teddy Bear.

Year: 2001
Duration: 3'28''
Language: other
Source: BETA SP

© Anna Baumgart

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