Filmoteka Muzeum

Created in the spirit of an experimental short film from the 1970’s, with the music by Sun Ra, The All of Everything, the film is a camouflaged reference to a quote from Shoah, a film by Claude Lanzmann:
Lanzmann: Do you know how many Jews were exterminated there?
Frau Michelsohn: Four something, 400 000… 40 000…?
Lanzmann: 400 000.
Frau Michelsohn: 400 000, yes I knew it had a four in it.
The work, typically of the artist, undermines our superficial knowledge of the world and suggests that immediately underneath the surface of things lurks evil denied. The artist believes his task is to indicate and revive painful memories, and to continuously exercise remembering.

Year: 2008
Duration: 15'48"
Language: no language
Source: HD video

© collection of Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw