Filmoteka Muzeum

Footage of Janusz Bałdyga's performance Stillstand, which was carried out on the 19th of September 1997 at E-Werk in Freiburg, Germany. Within the project, the invited artists created objects in the course of four days after the exhibition opening.

The footage presents the last day of Bałdyga's work and the final effect of his activity.
Maintaining one's own body on the border of physical limits and struggling with matter – the aspects familiar from the artist's previous actions – are also highly present in Stillstand. Bałdyga operates in a sphere defined by ordinary objects. His movements are accompanied by waiting for the critical moment to come. The physical dependence between the artist and the used props highlights the special importance of the object in Bałdyga's performative practice.


Year: 1997
Duration: 22'34"
Language: german
Source: VHS

© Janusz Bałdyga