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Spoken Films is an expanding series of animated films by Wojciech Bąkowski, featuring his explorations of liaisons between animation and the spoken word as well as experiments with combining the two. In each of the films, the artist shifts accents to different elements, uses different formal solutions, and puts language to test by exploring the boundaries of communicativeness. Often employing colloquial but at the same time poetic language, Bąkowski develops his individual style, which draws on both street slang and the New Wave style of the 1980s, as well as triggers associations with Miron Białoszewski, Samuel Beckett or James Joyce.

Spoken Film 6 is the latest part of the series, and the first one where the artist uses a puppet animation technique combined with photo animation. Also, it is the first time when the artist’s face is featured in the film, in the foreground, as if confirming the fact that all the films in the series actually contribute to a specific self-portrait. This black and white film is a story of a journey of the character, whose monologue describes the inability to contact his own mental states, fears and desires.

Opis na podstawie: Wojciech Bąkowski, Piękno, exhibition catalogue, Galeria Stereo, 2009; Wojciech Bąkowski, Brak dostępu promieniuje, exhibition catalogue, PGS Sopot, 2011.


Year: 2011
Duration: 6'00"
Language: Polish
Source: DigiBeta

© Wojciech Bąkowski