SALOON: There is no country in our hearts
Premiere of film by Georgia Sagri. Artist in conversation with Monika Szczukowska

The Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw invites to the premiere screening of a new work from the Museum collection - the film “SALOON: There is no country in our hearts” by the Greek artist Georgia Sagri. The screening will be followed by a conversation between the artist and curator of the project Monika Szczukowska.

The film “SALOON: There is no country in our hearts” records the artist’s series of four performances under the same title at the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw in 2013. The performances took place within the context of the museum collection exhibition “In the heart of the country”, but were not part of the show. The film includes texts in the form of subtitles, art works from the Museum's collection and of the invited artists, activated during the different performances, as well as diagrams that emerged during the film's editing process.

The film was developed under the condition of future uses and purposes without historicizing or framing a past event, that of a performance or of an exhibition. As such the film is not a documentation of a performance but a promotion of SALOON – a nomadic curatorial project the artist started in 2009 - and it announces its desire to continue to operate.

SALOON (2009-ongoing) manifests Sagri's involvement in ideas of movement, flee, and deterritorialization. "SALOON derives just out of need for enjoyment and constant change. Assuming there is no passive and active, inside and outside, representation and representatives what kind of social grounds can be created?" - asks Sagri. 

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