Spring Rites: Bithing of a New Museum
Workshop and Performance by Grace Ndiritu

Continuing her exploration of performance and non-rational methodologies within the museum context Spring Rites: Birthing of a New Museum (Part 1), Ndiritu explores the current rebirth of Modernism within the contemporary museum through shamanism and action painting.

With the surge of Older Women Artists (OWA) now being 'rediscovered' and consumed by the current art market, Grace Ndiritu invites the participants in front of small invited audience; to explore the relationship between (female) nature/body and the (male) art/object through the practice of shamanic journeying. By connecting with the divine feminine principle of nature, the participants tried to reawaken their primordial connections to the Fertility Goddess cultures of Ancient Europe. They then asked for guidance in exploring their inner soul landscapes and the abstract expression of their creative energies regardless of gender specificity.

This magical performance will play with and subvert the historical context of the modern art museum being an arena largely dominated by Great White Male artists (GWM) such as Willem De Kooning and Jackson Pollock and the erasure of female artists from the narrative of Abstract Expressionism and Modernism in general.

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