Museum by the Vistula exhibition space designed by Adolf Krischanitz for Temporäre Kunsthalle in Berlin

In March 2017 the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw will inaugurate a temporary exhibition pavilion by the Vistula river, designed by Adolf Krischanitz. The pavilion will be operating in the Powiśle neighborhood until the Museum’s new building in Plac Defilad is opened in 2020.

The pavilion in which the Museum will organize exhibitions and events was designed as a movable, wooden, reusable structure. The object was first placed on a parcel in the center of Berlin previously occupied by the Palace of the Republic, where between 2008 and 2010 it hosted the Temporäre Kunsthalle - an institution that showcased recent art phenomenons. The time restriction given to the Berlin exhibition pavilion was reflected in Krischanitz's deliberate, clear architecture. The project's central themes are the possibility of quick transformations, elasticity and functionality. The pavilion's exhibition space is 600 square meters with additional space for art outside - the architect let artists design the building's facade.

The pavilion is lent to the Museum free of charge by Vienna's Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary Foundation, founded in 2002 by Francesca von Habsburg. The foundation is dedicated to the popularization of experimental art and architecture.

By carrying out its program, the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw intends to give Powiśle a new meeting place for Warsaw residents and the city's guests.

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