Museum at 18th edition of Science Picnic

As part of this year’s Science Picnic, the Museum of Modern Art hosted an event focused around reinterpretation of the notion of time in art.

Art and time are interconnected in a number of ways. Their interweaving is visible on library shelves that bend under the bulky albums of histories of painting and all kinds of art. Another time, what passes irretrievably can be hurriedly encapsulated in colours and shapes and put in a museum. Yet, what is the most important in this interconnection is that time can flow differently in art. It is enough to ask: how fast does it flows in the world of abstract painting? Is it possible in art to return to the past and rewrite history?

The activities presented by the Museum of Modern Art during the Science Picnic assume the form of joint visual effort, in which all who are interested were able to join the action of reinterpreting time. By covering the walls and floors of our stand with drawings, we want to create a spatial work of art, which will take us for a moment to another world.

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