Performance by Paulina Ołowska

Paulina Ołowska’s “Alphabet” was inspired by the book entitled “ABECEDA” by Karel Teige, the key figure of the Czech avant-garde who created in 1926 the experimental “moving alphabet”, in cooperation with Milca Mayerova.

Referring to Teige’s project, Paulina Ołowska combines rhythmicity with constructivist fascination for typography and points to the rhetorical function of dance: three performers arrange their bodies to form 26 letters, from A to Z and, confronting the alphabet of the written language with the “alphabet” of gestures and movements, create a new system of expressing meanings.

The “Alphabet” was first shown in Berlin in 2005 (Galerie Meerrettich). In 2012 it was staged in the Museum of Modern Art in New York and in the begining of 2014 it was performed at the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw.

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