IV Biennale of Spatial Forms „Convention of Dreamers”, EL Gallery in Elbląg, 1971 (1-7/7)

"Dear Gerard!

I turn to you with a humble request related to the Convention of Dreamers. Pondering on the possibility of commemorating Nicolaus Copernicus I came to the conclusion that he would have felt extremely comfortable reflecting On the Revolutions of the Celestial Spheres if he had been sitting in a soft revolving armchair. [...]

I would like to kindly ask you to borrow such an armchair for the duration of the Convention and place it, on at least a modest carpet, in the Gallery. Next to it, at such a distance that the person sitting would not knock against it with his legs, you should place a flower vase filled with water and, marking the beginnig of participation in the situation, put a single flower inside. [...] I reserve the right to limit the participation to the sole act of adding or subtracting flowers from the vase. [...]

I would also like to ask that throughout the duration of the Convention I be addressed using the name Nicolaus, which is how I sign my request.

Nicolaus Borowski"